Roasted Cherry Tomato (&Veg) Soup

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate soup? Can I just declare this National Soup Appreciation day?

Soup’s soul-nourishing properties are not unfamiliar to us. Sick day = soup day. Liquid comfort giving us instant warmth, bringing the colour back into our cheeks.

Once, for a salad, I started to roast my cherry tomatoes and was amazed at how much sweeter they became. Since then it was always in the back of my head– how should I take advantage of that sweetness?
Roasted cherry tomato soup.
Best part? It’s the easiest way to get all your vegetably nutrients. This may taste like tomato soup, but there’s also carrots, onion, celery, mushroom, sweet bell pepper and asparagus, all roasted as well.

Pair that with a grilled cheese & turkey sammie, and you’ve got a remake of a childhood classic.


Recipe adapted from here. No recipe card this time, I don’t remember the spices I added. Cooking’s all about experimenting, after all 🙂



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