Hazelnut Berry Coffeecake


Warning: long post mostly of me rambling about instagram and coffeecake and what turned into a mini critique of revolver, (not that I’m qualified of giving any out)– please scroll to the bottom if you’re just looking for the recipe & recipe notes! 

Let’s face it– eating will never be the same as it was before social media. On one hand I welcome it– it’s allowed us to connect with chefs and bakers, and take a “behind-the-scenes” look at the process of creating. Viewing photos on Instagram, for me, is the closest I can get to being there without actually going. We can menu browse before we even step foot in the restaurant– we may feign surprise or pretend to flip through the menu, but let’s face it– us serious diners have already read through every single line, and have already curated the perfect meal. Hardly anything is a surprise anymore, when we’re free to browse through reviews and photos on yelp or urbanspoon/zomato. On the other hand, it’s easy to fall into the trap of paying more attention to our devices than being fully in the present, using all our senses to appreciate our food.

I remember going to camp a long time ago, and being inspired by one of our camp counselors (total nature lover, once sat in a forest for 24 hours– overall awesome person), who ate breakfast outside everyday– no phones, just him, the food, and the environment.

Even though that image sort of stayed with me, I’d say I’m about the complete opposite of that and I eat breakfast while scrolling through my feed. (#sorrynotsorry?) It’s one of my main sources of inspiration for recipes, styling, etc. as well as new food places to try!   Continue reading →



It’s my birthday today! -cue confetti-

So I’ll keep things short and sweet.

Keeping with tradition, I made my own birthday cake, except this time it was for both my friend and I (who share the same birthday!). We both follow @beta5chocolates on instagram, and were enamored by their epic cream puff cake:

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coming soon… #creampuff cakes.

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So beautiful.  Continue reading →



We drove and drove and drove that night after leaving Ruby beach– I drove down highway 12 east, high-beam on and all– and found a motel at 2:00 am, and went to sleep at 3. The next morning, we arrived at Sweedeedee, and found it was already pretty bustling by 10am.


I ordered, from left to right, their salty honey pie, almond cake, and honey whiskey cake with whipped cream and fruit.  Continue reading →

Olympic National Park


Hurricane Ridge

This past weekend trip came together on its own, a natural itinerary… our family loves hiking, and a few Google searches later, I discovered the gem that is Olympic National Park. It’s so close (relatively) to where I live, it’s hard to believe that we’ve never heard of it before, or considered going. I planned a day and a half in the park, and a day and a half in Portland.

ONP is a beast of a park, with forest, ocean and mountain ecosystems… navigating the website to plan the trip was both exciting and overwhelming. I realized that we could easily spend a whole week there to hike the trails, enjoy the sights, take in the beautiful coastline, look for wildlife… I mean the drive around the perimeter alone, as we discovered, takes up a good part of the day– 4+ hours.  Continue reading →