the birds & the beets


the birds & the beets. Fell immediately in love with their name, concept, design, space, website, everything about it. So I was really looking forward to visiting this newly opened cafe.


The space is smaller than expected when you first walk in. I haven’t been there when it was the old sushi place, but the layout is sort of unique for a cafe, because there are two entrances; a narrow hallway opens up to a larger space in the back/alexander street side of the cafe.



It’s like they targeted my weakness for natural lighting, flowers, exposed brick walls…


There’s a cute space in the corner dedicated to florals by the wild bunch, which you can purchase.


Their array of sweets is small, but being a food-focused cafe, they also offer an array of in-house made sandwiches, salads, pickles, breakfasty foods (granola, yogurt, muesli), and drinks like kombucha, which they also make themselves.


Sometimes the simplest things done well is all that’s needed to prove it’s a worthy cafe. I ordered a latte ($4) and their brioche & preserves ($4), imagining some warm, buttery brioche served alongside some preserves (plural), perhaps a little sampler size array of them in little jars.

But instead, we were offered a choice of preserves (apricot or blueberry)– I got blueberry while my friend got apricot.


I’d like to think I’m tough but fair when judging food, and the brioche didn’t cut it for me. It’s supposed to be an enriched bread (high proportion of fat), lending it a rich and tender crumb. The butter content can vary from 20% to 90% in terms of weight so doesn’t always have to be devastatingly buttery, but at the very least, it shouldn’t be dry.

It was slightly dry, but light in texture. In terms of brioche it did nothing for me, but at least the sesame seeds added a crunch and a nuttiness. It was overall sort of disappointing, especially since it’s essentially $2 for bread and $2 for a spoonful of preserves.

Their lattes were on the milkier side, but all coffee sort of sits on the same level for me, so I can’t be a fair judge on that.


That was all that we tried, and it hasn’t convinced me enough to go back and try their savoury things, especially since there’s so many great options in the area.


However, their ceramics are beautiful, and the industry-yet-earthy feel would make anyone feel at peace there whether they’re working or chatting with a friend.

IMG_2026-2 IMG_2024-2 IMG_2025-2

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