the Ariel Tart


Hello… it’s me. I’ve been wondering why I’VEBEENSUCHABADBLOGGER. I have returned from my winter slumber! Just like methicillin resistant staph aureus, I’m not very easy to inhibit my proteins ain’t like all the other staph aureus…es….’

ok that was awful as you can see i don’t even understand infectious diseases well enough to formulate a joke

let’s try again…

It’s my friend Ariel’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIEL!!), and I wanted to make something sunshine-y, like her personality. Hi Ariel, if you’re reading this, I know you said your favourite dessert is mille crepe cake and I want to make that happen but gurl that’s a lot of crepe flippin’…. I mean, I’ll flip a thousand crepes for you any time*


*any time during reading break 😉

I’ll keep it short and sweet (and sappy) but this post will be dedicated to the birthday girl (birthday young woman?). Ariel, you’re a kindred spirit and you never cease to amaze me (or everyone else) with your talent and kindness and whole-hearted dedication to what inspires you. that car ride where you gave us a concert of sorts, talking to us about your favourite songs, and why each of them had so much meaning for you… i’ll always remember that, not only because begin again is like one of my all-time fav soundtracks, but because I love how you find meaning and carry that with you? if that makes sense. like, you’re very thoughtful and sincere in everything you do, no matter what it is. and one of the best list-makers i know, hehe. i hope you’ll have the greatest bestest most special-est birthday + year ever!!


I wish the tart turned out better because it had so much potential, especially since I had made all the components before, but not assembled together like this. The concept was/is an earl grey pastry cream tart with fresh fruit and berries, with a thin layer of chocolate on the bottom (to prevent sogginess) and a layer of raspberry jam (enhanced with lemon zest) for tartness.

It started off really great– Stash makes this bomb double bergamot earl grey, and I used six of those tea bags + 1/2 a vanilla bean to infuse with my milk before continuing on with the pastry cream recipe. The recipe that has never failed me before. *foreshadowing*

The tart shell I’ve also made before, although I can’t remember if it had shrunk as much before too… it’s the only recipe that’s ever worked for me tho, so in my world it’s a “holy grail” recipe of tart shells. I just have to put the “un” back in unshrinkable.


I got really excited lining the shell with chocolate… it was so glossy and pretty, I didn’t want to turn it into ganache since (in my head) this thin layer of chocolate would prevent sogginess from the pastry cream filling…

note to self colleen, solidified dark chocolate is very hard to cut, esp if it’s not so “thin”…


and then since why not, the pastry cream decided to not set, but I poured it into the tart shell anyway because #yolo and I had to rush off to work.


then all of these fruits eventually drowned in the pastry cream.

the end.

Part II will be the emergence of the Superstar Ariel Tart with the unshrinkable tart crust and the undrownable fruits, once I work out all the kinks.

see y’all soon and happy belated new year!



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