aboutmehhi there! the name’s colleen. i’m a nineteen twenty 21 year old pharmacy student born and raised (close to) vancouver, canada. my interest in food & baking sparked when i was young… while other kids were watching arthur or whatever, i was watching sugar. so far, my interest has been pretty low-key– no ambitious cook book dreams or apprenticeships with chefs. this blog allows me to live my food dream, and is a much needed creative outlet in my very science focused student life. i can’t promise that i’ll be the greatest of writers or the most brilliant of bakers… but i’m just excited to be able to share everything with you guys.

life food goals

  • get a reservation at the french laundry
  • successfully make croissants/laminated dough
  • go to pastry school. just for fun.

lovely foods

  • chai
  • earl gray
  • marzipan/frangipane/almonds
  • curry
  • anything that’s spicy enough to make you cry
  • salted caramel
  • eggplant
  • banana bread
  • seafood
  • freshly juiced pomegranate
  • haagen dazs coffee ice cream
  • black sesame
  • dim sum
  • peanut butter
  • this doughnut. my word.

foods i can’t stand

  • sea cucumbers
  • seaweed
  • kelp
  • potatoes/yams/starchy vegetables

places i hold dear to my heart

  • vancouver seawall
  • the louvre
  • paris cafés (cliche, but hey.)
  • poznan
  • bavarian alps
  • hong kong

places to go

  • denmark
  • the shire
  • amazon rainforest
  • great barrier reef
  • southern france
  • african safari
  • okay fine, the whole world.

favourite things

  • running by the ocean
  • hiking & mountains
  • dogs (esp. shiba inus & golden retrievers)
  • prints by rifle paper co.
  • the abbreviation “co.”
  • fairy lights
  • beautiful penmanship
  • monet’s prints on umbrellas
  • the shape of stag antlers
  • floral things
  • perfectly frosted cakes with even layers
  • being nostalgic
  • minimalist designs
  • scratchy pens with smooth ink
  • anything you see on misshapenheart (yes, shameless plug)

not so favourite things

  • awkward situations
  • awkward social situations
  • bugs + spiders of all sizes and shapes
  • sea cucumbers
  • getting confused by maps
  • wearing jewelry
  • how barnacles look
  • how tapioca balls look
  • putting on makeup and skincare
  • lies and bad excuses
  • christmas shopping

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