Hot Chocolate Festival 2015


I didn’t know it was possible for so many things to happen in the span of three weeks, but they did. Let’s rewind all the back to the start of February…

I took a small reprieve on a Thursday afternoon (a cancelled tutorial = a total luxury) and caught up with two friends from high school over a sort-of warm cup of hot chocolate.

Although we haven’t seen each other in at least six months, our conversations fit together just as they did years ago– a comfortable rhythm, familiar laughter.

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The part I most look forward to reading in cookbooks often aren’t the recipes themselves, but the introductory pages. Where the chef tells his or her story– how they started, their influences, how they opened their first restaurant/bakeries, their adversities, etc. etc. I’m just immensely interested in their life path(s), and how they ended up to where they are today.

So I have the same habit for restaurants and bakeries in my city. Before visiting for the first time, I try to read up on the owner/chef/pastry chef, and how their business got started… it makes the visit more meaningful, and sometimes you can see the goods they create as an expression and reflection of who they are. Continue reading →

Paris Bakeries

Hello hello, I’m baaack! And this time FOR GOOD. As a personal goal, I resolve to update this blog at least every three weeks for the entire year. It’s going to happen 🙂
During the summertime, I went on a 8.5 week trip to Europe, first to volunteer, then just for travel. One of my last stops was Paris. What I couldn’t get used to was how many patisseries, boulangeries, brasseries, cafes, etc. on the streets. In every arrondissement. Food lover’s dream, I’m telling you. I never got around to eating at a Michelin star restaurant (the price of everything in Paris just killed me a bit), but I did drop a few euros here and there (ok, a lot of euros) at a few of these boulangeries/patisseries.
Also, what I found weird is that these have been around for a long time in Paris. But as a first-timer in the city, everything felt so novel and it seriously was my first time seeing so many great pastries.
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blue water cafe and raw bar

This is a late post, but my birthday was a week ago and I had an incredible dinner at Blue Water Cafe.
It might have to do with the fact that I only had frozen yogurt for lunch and was ravenous by the time I arrived, but the food did not disappoint. Easily, Blue Water Cafe is my favourite Vancouver fine dining restaurant, of the ones I’ve been to.
As far as my fine-dining experience goes, I’ve eaten at Bishop’s, Jean Georges in New York (I KNOW), Au Pied du Cochon in Montreal (definitely where I’ll have my last meal before I die), Le Crocodile, Vij’s and Heron’s West Coast Kitchen.

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