Apple Cranberry 3D Pies

 There’s many things I love about baking… too many to list, but to name a few… I love that it’s a creative outlet and a creative process. From the conception of a recipe, to the execution, to the presentation, to the styling, to the editing, and if you happen to have a food blog, to the ways in which you share your craft. It’s so inspiring to see other bloggers create gifs or videos.
You have control and there’s so many opportunities to make it outstanding in one way or another. For a semi-perfectionist like myself, I believe in the possibility of reaching perfection when you bake. I love its memory-evoking powers, as all food has. The first thing I ever baked… if you stuff Anna Olson’s Very Berry Cupcakes into my mouth, I’ll be transported back in time when I was eight. If you stuff a St. Martin’s Croissant into my mouth (and please do)… well, I’ll be transported back to Poznan, at least in my mind. I love that you can use food to show your appreciation, because there’s time and effort inherent in whatever you make. In this case, you can make a bad joke with baking as well.

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