Red Bean Stuffed Pumpkin Mochi Waffles


These are really good. Shockingly good. Like, why-have-I-not-waffled-everything-in-sight-yet good.

I don’t have much to say about them, other than you should make them, and eat them 0.000243 seconds fresh out of the waffle iron.

No regrets.

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Steam-baked Black Sesame Milk Rolls

I’m a total carbivore. When my family goes out for dim sum, our must order items are the usual ones– har gow, sew mai, beef cheung fun, egg tarts. We’ve had our fair share of super soft, melt-in-your mouth baked (not steamed) BBQ buns. Soft enough for me to examine its texture and wonder how it was achieved. These rolls were made in pursuit of that melt-in-your mouth quality.
I started off with the hokkaido milk recipe buns, but made a few notable changes to both the ingredients and method. And guys. The results were brilliant.

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