Tiramisu Domes


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Do these domes scream WELCOME TO CANADA?!?!???!

Because (yay) it’s been just over a week since meeting my sister in law, and I’m just excited to get to know her and make her feel at home–it’s not often that we’re welcoming a new family member from Korea!

I knew she didn’t have a sweet tooth at all, but the one dessert she does like is tiramisu. Which surprised me, because I think that’s a pretty strong-flavoured, punchy dessert (which means, there may be a potential sweet tooth in there…….). I mean, it doesn’t shy away from anything– it’s creamy, rich, boozy, sweet. Tiramisu as I know it, at least.

But I didn’t want to just leave it at that, because I felt like layering store-bought ladyfingers, soaked with espresso and liquor, with mascarpone cream was the easy way out. And all those Masterchef Australia dessert pressure tests got me thinking about dome molds. They were sort of overused on the show, but I can see why– spherify anything and its fancy factor goes up a few notches.

And with a little last minute Amazon shopping (silicone demi molds are the greatest), googling, recipe-adapting, and substituting later– we have tiramisu domes: mascarpone kirsch mousse with a chocolate-espresso centre, espresso-soaked coffee stracciatella sponge, and a boozy white chocolate glaze.


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Birthday Cake: Triple Chocolate Mousse

So I’ve started reading for interest again (finally) and my current read is, “How to Be Happy without Being Perfect”. What attracted me was the “How to Be Happy” part of the title, and not so much the “without Being Perfect”. As it turns out, the book smallly focuses on how perfectionism negatively affects different aspects of our lives. The author, Dr. Domar, gives her advice on how to retrain our brains.
This sounds ridiculous if you know me, but I didn’t remember(?)/realize(?) I was a perfectionist… I’m serious, it was a revelation reading that book. In elementary school I had been called a perfectionist a few times, but never in high school, so I was never conscious of the fact that I was one for a very long time.

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