the birds & the beets


the birds & the beets. Fell immediately in love with their name, concept, design, space, website, everything about it. So I was really looking forward to visiting this newly opened cafe.


The space is smaller than expected when you first walk in. I haven’t been there when it was the old sushi place, but the layout is sort of unique for a cafe, because there are two entrances; a narrow hallway opens up to a larger space in the back/alexander street side of the cafe.



It’s like they targeted my weakness for natural lighting, flowers, exposed brick walls… Continue reading →



The part I most look forward to reading in cookbooks often aren’t the recipes themselves, but the introductory pages. Where the chef tells his or her story– how they started, their influences, how they opened their first restaurant/bakeries, their adversities, etc. etc. I’m just immensely interested in their life path(s), and how they ended up to where they are today.

So I have the same habit for restaurants and bakeries in my city. Before visiting for the first time, I try to read up on the owner/chef/pastry chef, and how their business got started… it makes the visit more meaningful, and sometimes you can see the goods they create as an expression and reflection of who they are. Continue reading →