Chai Black Sesame Pulla

 I’m bringing you my love of all things chai, black sesame & carbs to present to you…chai black sesame pulla! What is pulla? I’ve never heard of it either, until I stumbled across Pinch of Yum’s stunning loaf. According to Wiki it’s a mildly-sweet Finnish sweet bread, flavored with crushed cardamom seeds and sometimes raisins or sliced almonds. This bread neither has cardamom nor raisins nor almonds so I don’t know if this qualifies as pulla anymore, but let me tell you, this is one of my favourite yeast doughs to work with, bake, and inhale.

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Earl Grey Baked Doughnuts

I’m sure other baking junkies can relate, but that last thing I need is a specialized baking mold. I have drawers and cupboards overflowing with baking utensils, bowls, and bakeware.
And as much as I’d love to have financier molds, bouchon molds, canelle molds, brioche tins (<– that one I really do… I mean, they’re so cute!), and doughnut pans, my small kitchen can only hold so much.I guess you can say that they taste the same– glazed muffins vs. glazed doughnuts, especially if they’re baked, but the eating experience is completely different. A doughnut is flatter, easier to bite into, has a higher glaze-to-interior ratio… plus they look adorable. Plus the word ‘doughnut’ looks more sophisticated than the word ‘muffin’.