We drove and drove and drove that night after leaving Ruby beach– I drove down highway 12 east, high-beam on and all– and found a motel at 2:00 am, and went to sleep at 3. The next morning, we arrived at Sweedeedee, and found it was already pretty bustling by 10am.


I ordered, from left to right, their salty honey pie, almond cake, and honey whiskey cake with whipped cream and fruit.  Continue reading →

Olympic National Park


Hurricane Ridge

This past weekend trip came together on its own, a natural itinerary… our family loves hiking, and a few Google searches later, I discovered the gem that is Olympic National Park. It’s so close (relatively) to where I live, it’s hard to believe that we’ve never heard of it before, or considered going. I planned a day and a half in the park, and a day and a half in Portland.

ONP is a beast of a park, with forest, ocean and mountain ecosystems… navigating the website to plan the trip was both exciting and overwhelming. I realized that we could easily spend a whole week there to hike the trails, enjoy the sights, take in the beautiful coastline, look for wildlife… I mean the drive around the perimeter alone, as we discovered, takes up a good part of the day– 4+ hours.  Continue reading →